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Torch Fire and Kiln Enamels & Supplies

We believe in supporting makers of handmade jewelry and mixed media.

Opaque Enamels

Thompson Enamels. Check out our gorgeous color collections.

Tools for Beginners and All

The basics for beginners and more advanced users.

Transparent Enamels

Thompson Enamel Transparents. Colors and combinations to pique your curiousity.

Get Enamel Samples Delivered Monthly

Longing to try new colors, but don’t know where to start? Don’t you hate it when you invest in the color everyone’s talking about – and then you hate it?! Try the CarEnCo Subscription Box. Each month we’ll send five new colors along with a pattern. You get to experiment. Plus, who doesn’t love a box of color every month?

Select Your Box

You can choose the subscription length that works for you. We dare you to spoil yourself and choose a year. Who doesn’t want a box of enamels and goodies every month?

Get Ready Every Month

We’ll send an email reminder so you can be on the lookout each month.  We ship boxes out the first Monday of every month.     Race you to the mailbox!

Happy You!

Fire up your torches or kilns, it’s time to celebrate all those colors. Your monthly box of enamel goodness arrives.

We’ve Got You Covered


Fast service. We package your order so it's shipped out quickly.


Expanded samples. We want you to try ALL the colors to see what you love.


Wait, why the dogs? Because we happen to have three studio dogs who help us run the place. You'll see more of them as you poke around the site.

CarEnCo Loves Classes

Teaching a class online? We’re happy to work with you to create and ship class kits. Let’s talk and help others learn!

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